Welcome to Angry Mullet

Welcome to Angry Mullet

Welcome to Angry MulletWelcome to Angry MulletWelcome to Angry Mullet


Do you need a storefront to work out of for your small and growing business? Maybe we can help - fill out the application and drop it off - we may be able to help!

AM Business Application (pdf)


We are . . .

Once-Upon-A-Crumble Bakery

Justin & his team are always seeking new and adventurous food and beverage to add a little bit of variety to your every day meals. Treat yourself to one of our freshly baked items, french toasts, pressed sandwiches or gourmet grilled cheese.

Businesses within a Business

We enjoy being in downtown -  downtowns are the heartbeat of any great community.  We want to do our part in seeding entrepreneurs not only in the downtown, but Poteau at-large. Do you want to do a video series? Have an online cooking show? Hold a soap-making class? Have a web-based business in which you can meet your clients face-to-face? APPLICATIONS for use of our space may be picked up at our register or downloaded from above this SECTION - we want to be part of your success!


Swisscross Scrubs

Men & Women's Scrubs


We have both Men & Women's Scrubs - all mainstream colors and with sizes ranging from  XXS to 5XL. Just ask us to order if you don't see your size.



What to do when your day is spent in chilly hospital halls or out & about visiting patients and you want to look professional but be comfortable too? We've got your solution!



Some mornings you just need to tug on a soft layer between you and your scrubs. Check out our soft long-sleeved underscrubs in a variety of colors.

Fashion Support Knee Socks


We carry SockWell compression knee highs. These are not your Granny's knee highs. Both high quality and attractive - this is the modern compression stocking with up to 20-30 mm Hg support in some styles.

Men & Women's Lab Coats


Our Meta lab coats have plenty of pockets - even an iPad pocket! Come try on our stock coats and we can then order your size with your name and title embroidered for an additional $30-$45 (depending on number of lines).

Professional Embroidering for Clinics


Embroidered scrubs and jackets set your workplace apart. Email us your logo and for $45 your logo will be digitized and placed on your first scrub shirt. $6 for each additional shirt.

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Angry Mullet houses Once-Upon-A-Crumble & SwissCross Scrubs.

Contact us if you, too, want to host your business at our site. Become part of our 'Poteau Pilot' program for new businesses!

Angry Mullet

108 Dewey Avenue, Poteau, OK 74953





Tuesday thru Saturday: 8am - 3pm

Sunday & Monday: closed

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