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Dedicated to Quality

Our Buckwheat Crepes are made with Groats that are milled on-site to ensure our customers receive as much of the potent antioxidants from this 'fruit seed' as possible. We also proudly serve AirShip coffee in our lattes and when available, we source our produce and meats from our locals: Tom of Four Seeds Farm, Kevin of Hometown Harvest, Dave's meats

Once-Upon-A-Crumble Bakery

Justin, Emily, Roderick and Nicole are always seeking new and adventurous food ideas to add a little bit of variety to your every day meals. Treat yourself to one of our freshly baked items, french toasts or buckwheat 'gluten-free' crepes.

Businesses within a Business

We enjoy being in downtown -  downtowns are the heartbeat of any great community.  We want to do our part in seeding entrepreneurs not only in the downtown, but Poteau at-large. Do you want to do a video series? Have an online cooking show? Have a web-based business in which you can meet your clients? APPLICATIONS for use of our space may be picked up at our register - we want to be part of your success! 


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Our business currently also includes Swiss Cross Scrubs - visit their FB page for more info!

Angry Mullet

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Tuesday through Saturday: 8am - 3pm

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